FHN Juniors Gear up to Take SAT

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FHN Juniors Gear up to Take SAT

By Sydnee Michmerhuizen

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Juniors at Forest Hills Northern Public School took the PSAT in order to prepare for the upcoming SAT.

All juniors get the opportunity to take the PSAT this fall in order to help them prepare for the quickly approaching SAT this coming spring.

“After taking the PSAT I feel like I know what’s coming when it comes time for the one that counts,” stated junior David Abdallah.

David Abdallah attempted to prepare for the PSAT by using SAT prep books and using Khan Academy as a primary resource.

“Khan Academy helped give me tools to help me answer questions correctly by using context clues, even when I had no idea what the answer was.”

After taking the PSAT, David feels much more prepared than before for the SAT because he now knows what to look out for.

“I plan to continue studying for the SAT by using work books and continuing the use of Khan Academy.”  David concluded with one piece of advice to “make sure that if you know what studying habits work for you, stick with it.”

Senior Jordan Lippert reflected on his experience with these tests last year.

“Taking the PSAT helped me learn how much I still needed to do to prepare for the SAT. It motivated me to get moving.”

Jordan used Khan Academy, and even got a tutor to help go over the material to ensure he was as prepared as he could be.

“At Northern there’s also an SAT club and a SAT class that help prepare you for these kinds of things. It isn’t for everyone, but if you work well in groups the extra practice is definitely worth it.”

Looking back Jordan wishes he had done more to prepare for the SAT.

“The more you can do the better, and the earlier you start start studying and taking the SAT the more you will benefit from it. The best thing that I believe the underclassmen can do to prepare is to not wait and to start studying now.”

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