FHN’S Senior College Commits

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FHN’S Senior College Commits

Ciara Flynn

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Senior Maddie Myers has chosen to commit to Penn State to play soccer. Penn State is ranked thirteenth college for women’s soccer. “I chose Penn because they have an amazing soccer program, but also an outstanding academic institution and they have amazing facilities and an amazing staff who wants their students to succeed.”

She grew up always knowing that she wanted to play in college one day because it’s what she loves to do. If given the chance she would love to play after college in the NWSL

(National Women’s Soccer League).

Alex Clark has committed to the Bowdoin University to further his career in law and football. Alex has been playing football for as long as he can remember and has been very passionate about it. “I’ve always wanted to play in college and I’m fortunate enough to have gotten an offer from such an amazing school like Bowdoin so when the contacted me I took it.”

“I think I’m going to focus on becoming a lawyer after college, I mean NFL would be pretty sweet but it’s kind of a reach and I want to be realistic.” He chose Bowdoin because FHN alumni Ian Woodruff also plays football at there. Alex contacted Ian and he told him all about how much he loved it.

Lauren Kozal committed to Michigan State University to also play soccer. “I chose Michigan State because I’ve always loved it. I love the campus, the people, and I think it’s a good school for what I want to go into. I would have to say the same thing as Maddie, it’s always been a goal. There was no exact moment I realized I wanted to do this in college. I don’t know if I would want to play this sport after college. It’s a huge commitment, and it’s far away. I’ll make the decision when the time comes.”

UPDATE: Since this was written Maddie Myers has torn her ACL

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