How to Bake the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies with Walnuts

Sophia Terzes, Writer

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Last winter, the best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had showed up on the buffet table at my family’s annual Christmas party. It was about as wide as the top of a coffee mug, and a half an inch thick, and it was filled with my favorites: walnuts and m&ms. Best of all it was crispy on the outer edges and the closer you got to the center, the more chewy and wonderful it was. I assumed it was your regular Tollhouse cookie dough with walnuts added. However, I later found out my aunt was the mastermind behind my new favorite cookie.  

Being the food lover that I am, I couldn’t help myself. I had to get my hands on that recipe. I was also curious because there are lots of chocolate chip cookie recipes, and I wondered what set this recipe apart.

Here’s how it works: After the cookies have risen a bit in the hot oven, you pull out the cookie sheet and bang it hard on top of the stove or on the oven rack. Just as a half-done cake falls in the center when bumped, the middle of the cookie collapses, pushing barely-baked dough out to the edges. Then return the pan to the oven and, at intervals, repeat the process, building up the crinkled rim that makes it possible to have both soft and crunchy textures in a single cookie. It is, I can attest, a leap forward in the development of a new wonderful cookie.

Besides the technique, the ingredients in this recipe differ just enough from most to make me crave it. Regardless of the widely known fact that butter causes higher cholesterol, it plays a key role in these cookies. Most cookies have about a half a cup of butter while this recipe calls for a whole cup. This addition helps make them extra soft and wonderful when you bite into one.

On top of the softness of the cookie, the combination of walnuts and chocolate chips is genius. You have savory and sweet all in one. Not only are the two a good pair, a little bit more walnuts than chocolate chips is perfect because the cookie itself is already sweet and the nut does a wonderful job of balancing two contrasting flavors.

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