How To Make A Delicious Pot roast

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How To Make A Delicious Pot roast

Emmali Kepley, Writer

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Making a pot roast is very easy if you know how to do it. This is a beginners guide to make a Scrumish pot roast. First thing you need to know is that you can roast any meat. Pork, beef, chicken or lamb to name a few.


  1. Season the meat with the seasonings you want. I go simple and just season with salt.
  2. Heat up a skillet with oil  and make sure the pan is really hot. Then you place the roast on one side and let it brown for 4-5 minutes, then flip and brown the other side.
  3. Next you want to preheat the oven. Cooking times will vary based on how much you cut of meat weighs. It is usually a 20 minutes per pound  at 375 degrees fahrenheit.
  4. While the meat is browning chop an onion in big pieces place in a roasting pan. Put the browned meat on top of onions. Put water in the pan that you used to brown the meat and scrape the pan with a spatula. Pour the juices over the meat. This method is called deglazing. Cover the pot roast and place in oven.     
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