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If you live in Michigan and know what football is, you probably watch the Michigan vs. Michigan State game every year. The Michigan vs. Michigan State game is one of the biggest, most intense Big Ten college football games, and Michigan State is obviously the better team.  

These two teams first played in 1898 and have met almost every year since then. At the beginning of their rivalry, Michigan State University was known as the Michigan Agricultural College. Later they became known as Michigan State University. This game became a conference rivalry when Michigan State joined the Big Ten Conference in 1950.

Each year the winner of this game takes home the Paul Bunyan trophy. This trophy was originally created in 1953 when Michigan State officially joined the Big Ten Conference. Michigan State won the Michigan vs. Michigan State game in 1953 and proudly displayed the trophy, but when Michigan won in 1954 they refused to take the trophy at first, but then took it and stored it in a closet. Since then the trophy has become an important symbol of the best football team in Michigan. The teams engrave their final score on the trophy each year.  

In the past 10 years Michigan State has won 8 of the games. University of Michigan has only won 2.

This year the Michigan vs. Michigan State game was in University of Michigan’s stadium. Usually, the team that is playing in their home stadium in considered to have an advantage against the other team, so Michigan had the home field advantage this year. Michigan State won the game 14-10.

Michigan State has increased its wins against University of Michigan in recent years. In the first ten years of the match up, Michigan won 70% of the games. In the past ten years, Michigan State has won 80% of the rivalry games. Therefore, Michigan State is the better football team.

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