The Holidays: Vegan Style

Rose Lees, Writer

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As everyone knows, holidays are usually full of delicious foods, such as different types of roasts, cheesy potatoes, and decorative Christmas cookies. However, not everyone takes part in these traditional meals.

Across the United States, 16 million people are either following a vegetarian or vegan diet, according to The Raw Food World that began conducting its study in 2009.

Eating a special diet is always a challenge, but at least on an ordinary day, people can usually eat the way they want or need to, without hurting anyone else’s feelings. During the holidays, hosts naturally want everyone to love what they have prepared. Guests  should let hosts know in advance if they have any dietary restrictions.

Asked if the holiday season was one that is dreadful and difficult, Brittany Fayette, vegan for a year, replied, “It’s not that it’s necessarily difficult. It’s just very inconvenient. I feel like a lot of hosts don’t take into consideration that not all of us eat meat! I usually just bring my own food; otherwise, I’ll be stuck eating the salad.”

There are many common foods that people are unaware of that are, in fact, vegan. They range from popular salads, most pastas, all potatoes, and all vegetables. There are also many vegan substitutes. For meat it’s popular to use tofu, soy ground beef, or tempe. Popular substitutes for dairy products include soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk,  soy cheese, cashew milk cheese, and almond cheese. Creating vegan meals are not as hard as people would think because there are substitutes for just about everything.

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