4 Ways to Improve Concentration When Doing Homework

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4 Ways to Improve Concentration When Doing Homework

Sophia Terzes, Writer

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Homework is a pretty difficult thing to do. Then when there are distractions on top of that, concentrating on the task at hand can be challenging. The following techniques may help to increase your attention span to allow for less time doing homework or a project.

  1.  Meditation helps calm the nerves

Proven effective for centuries, meditation is considered to be the best way to boost attention. It has been proven scientifically that when meditating, the mind calms down removing all signs of stress and anxiety from the body. Meditation requires a short but intense period of focus on a specific thing, which eventually trains the mind to focus on things without difficulty. Daily practice of meditation can help anyone overcome a wandering mind when studying or getting things done.

  1. Use technology to increase focus

While most parents view the use of technology as disruptive or harmful, studies have shown that the right use of technology can help increase the attention span of students who struggle to stay on task. Download a few fun games on your computer or smart phone and spend around 30 minutes a day playing those games. The need to win a game can actually help with focus. However, not all games are good for this. When downloading apps make sure to stray from gory or intense games.

  1. Listen to soothing music

It is a proven fact that whenever concentration waivers, it is best to listen to classical music or soothing instrumentals. It calms the mind and promotes attention. It also enhances the ability to concentrate and helps to shut out all distractions as well. Instrumental focus music playing in the background can help students finish their work significantly faster too.

  1. Exercise on a consistent basis

Exercising daily for over 30 minutes has a very positive impact on the ability to focus. When working out, the brain focuses on every move, which if done over time, can help train your brain to focus with much more ease. It is advised whenever there is an issue concentrating to take a quick 10-minute walk to relax your body and get it ready to focus.

Apply these techniques for a smooth completion of homework and projects. Remember, when completing a task, it is important to maintain focus. When trying out these techniques have patience because it may take time and practice to change old habits into better ones.

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