If You Celebrate Christmas, Do You Celebrate On Christmas Eve, Christmas Day Or Both?

Megan Gray, Writer

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I interviewed Mr. Gillette’s first hour Honors English 9 class. This class consists of students from English, Chinese Immersion and Spanish Immersion. I interviewed some kids on when they celebrate, 20 percent said that they celebrate on Christmas Day, while 80 percent celebrate on both Christmas day and Christmas Eve.

Megan Broughal celebrates Christmas on Christmas Day only. “I celebrate on Christmas Day because, in my family, we see that as the day of the holiday. Christmas Eve is only the day before and is not as important.”  Megan has always celebrated on Christmas Day and most likely always will. It’s an important day to her and her family.

Megan Cox has always celebrated on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. On Christmas Eve, Meagan celebrates with family friends. They have a tradition of pulling names from a hat then going to Target and using $10 dollars each to buy a gift for the person they picked. They then spend Christmas Day  together as a family, opening  presents together and they have a family breakfast.  

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day can be equally important to some families and some may only celebrate on one day. No matter which people celebrate, the Christmas holiday is great for many memories.

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