National Honor Society is Leading The Pack

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National Honor Society is Leading The Pack

Jay DeVita, Writer

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In this school, there is no shortage of opportunities for students who look for them, and one of those opportunities is the National Honor Society. NHS is a club that focuses on achieving academic success, being morally upright, and displaying good leadership skills. It does this by focusing primarily on doing volunteer work for the community, a way for students to “give back” before going off to college. I spoke to NHS president Matthew Katz and board member Kristy Nikolajuk, and they extrapolated further on what exactly NHS is, what it does, and how it does it.

“During your typical NHS meeting, we play music as people walk in and then Brett [NHS Board Member] welcomes everyone and reminds people of their volunteer hours and upcoming events. Stuff like SPLAT, book drives, and gift wrapping,” said Katz. He went on to explain that SPLAT is a program for younger kids for whom NHS volunteers.

Of course, there’s a degree of exclusivity with NHS, and it’s not something for which you sign up. you must be formally invited.

“If you have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher you’re invited to apply, and then you pick one of four pillars to write about: Leadership, Character, Service, or Scholarship. You then write an essay about what those pillars mean to you, and if it’s good enough, you’re in,” said Katz.

This invitation is sent at some point during your Junior year. “The NHS application process is pretty straightforward. As long as you take it seriously, you’re pretty much guaranteed a spot,” says Ella Streng, member of NHS. “At the end of the day, filling out the application is definitely worth it because of the service opportunities you’ll receive by being in the club.”

A volunteer opportunity in which you might have participated was the Book Drive. “It has been an activity in NHS for a while now, and we collect books for Meadowbrook, Collins, and Ada Vista, and sometimes members write notes in the books. It gives the kids a chance to keep reading. The kids love the notes, and it’s a really good project,” says Nikolajuk, Book Drive coordinator. The drive ran from November until the beginning of December this year, and brought in over 500 books for the FHN elementary students.

NHS can also help with college and job prospects, as it shows that the person applying is a well-rounded individual who manages to keep your grades above par during a particularly stressful part of life.

When I asked Katz, Streng, and Nikolajuk if doing NHS was worth the effort, they all gave me an emphatic “Yes.”

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