The FCC Votes to Remove Net Neutrality

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The FCC Votes to Remove Net Neutrality

Denis Rekic, Website Admin

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As many people have heard, Net Neutrality has been voted to be removed by the Federal Communications Government (FCC). Net Neutrality is a principle that all data is equal, and no Internet Service Provider (ISP) should prohibit any form of data from consumers. The law calling for Net Neutrality was issued by the Obama Administration and has punished ISPs in the past for violating that law and attempting to throttle their bandwidth and overcharge consumers.

Even with the millions of outcries about this decision, the FCC continued its plan to remove net neutrality. Removing this law gives ISPs the chance to overcharge customers and force them to pay more for internet. Prior to the Net Neutrality law being passed in 2015, the United States had regulations on the internet that prevented consumers from being harmed by big markets. This law allowed for the economy to work freely. However, with Net Neutrality removed altogether, the consumers could be in much danger.

In an interview Ajit Pai, the chairman of the FCC, was forced to go off script, and reluctantly admits that there is a “risk” that is posed to consumers because this law has passed.

“They don’t want Internet Service Providers potentially threatening their ability for customers to stream properly, and I believe there is a risk in that.”

After all the backlash that the FCC is receiving, Ajit Pai decided it would be best to make videos that are full of memes. One of the videos released is “7 Things You Can do After Net Neutrality” which consists of outdated material such as the Harlem Shake and fidget spinners.

After the deciding vote of 3-2 for repealing Net Neutrality, there have been continuous threats that have been sent to Ajit Pai. People have released his personal information such as his home phone, and address. Internet Service Providers have yet to do anything with the law being repealed, but anything can happen.

If you believe that Net Neutrality is wrong, you may visit This website asks you to write a petition to send to congress, and you may even go a step further and they will connect a phone call to your state congressman.

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