Holiday’s Best And Worst

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Holiday’s Best And Worst

Aubree Hatfield, Writer

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Holiday traditions are very different to each family. Many families have the classic traditions like going out and cutting down a tree as a family, opening presents Christmas morning, or going to church on Christmas Eve. We’re going find out the best and worst holiday traditions of Northern students.

“Our favorite tradition is family dinner on Christmas Eve and going to my Grandma’s house,” said Katie and Megan Gray.

Some other fun traditions with families are going out to eat at the same restaurant every year or cooking the same meal with your family. It seems like FHN’s favorite tradition is The White Elephant. The White Elephant is when people exchange gifts and get each other really funny cheap gifts of something they found lying around their house.

Some of the hottest 2017 Christmas gifts are Patagonia, Vineyard Vines, Lululemon and Nike clothes. Those are always great gifts to open.

I know almost every student here at FHN will agree with me that winter break is the best two weeks until summer. For some people it’s having all the relatives together (which never happens), sleeping in for two straight weeks, or maybe even just spending time at home and getting a well deserved break. Although the break sounds long, that Sunday before school starts up again is going to come so fast you won’t even believe it. It has improved from last year’s one-week break, and after we celebrate the New Year, we will still have one more week left.

The countdown is close, and break is almost here. The last day of school is Friday the 22nd, and FHN could not be any more excited.

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