Will the Gymnastics Team Win It All This Year?

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Will the Gymnastics Team Win It All This Year?

Lydia Bouma, Writer

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Recently, I had to chance to talk to FHG’s Sami Blair at one of her practices. We talked about her goals for the season and what the gymnastics team is working on.

”My favorite things about the gymnastics team are probably how you get to meet and be on a team with girls from all of the different Forest Hills Public Schools, and being able to learn new skills every week so that you can improve.”

In the sport of gymnastics, there are four events: vault, bars, beam, and floor. All of these events are very difficult and take a lot of strength and determination. Different people have different strengths for each event.

”I would say the team is best on floor and vault. Lots of the girls are working on skills with a higher difficulty level that they can put in their floor routines. Everyone is working on vault upgrades, so hopefully those scores will be really high this year. Bars is also looking pretty strong because newbies Hannah Biesbrock and Rachel Chadwick have a lot to bring in the bars competition, along with returning senior Lydia Bouma.”

The gymnastics team will have its first competition on January 6th. The competition will be filled to the brim the lost of talent from many different schools.

“I would have to say that Rockford is still our biggest competition this year. To be able to beat them, everyone needs to really step up and hit their events and have no falls, especially on beam. We just have to have a really good meet, which I know we are capable of.”

The gymnastics team has been working very hard, so everyone should come out and support this fantastic event!. The team is training hard and hopefully will make it to states again this year.

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