Where Do Ugly Sweaters Come From?

Anthony Baker, Writer

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Every December, when the snow starts coming down and the holidays are right around the corner, the presence of a certain article of clothing suddenly becomes hauntingly inevitable. It’s the rampage of old, back-of-the-closet, ugly Christmas sweaters.

This hideous tradition dates back to the eighties, where the sweet, loving grandmas of the United States of America decided it would be a wonderful idea to buy sweaters for their kids and knit special, unique christmas designs on them, only to present them to their grandkids as gifts on Christmas Day. As the years went by, everybody in America realized that the sweaters their Grandmas had made them were the ugliest thing anybody could ever possibly wear, but for some reason, it just felt right.

It wasn’t until the early 2000s that ugly Christmas sweaters started making another appearance. One year in Vancouver, Canada, two men thought it would be cool to have a party in which everybody wore their old Christmas sweaters that they had all collected from their Grandparents. The parties started as a simple point-and-laugh even, but as the trend of ugly Christmas sweater parties blew up over the next few years, parties became more competitive across the globe.

After ugly sweater competition parties grew so big, the collective of sweet, loving Grandmas and clothing companies of America all began to fabricate sweaters with full intentions of them being ugly. Clothing industries made millions in profit, whilst Grandmas got an extra kick out of who could make the ugliest sweater possible.

Years later in 2017 the tradition continues. Families gather around every year to see who brings the ugliest sweater.

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