What People In Writing for Publication Do

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What People In Writing for Publication Do

Denis Rekic, Website Manager

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Not many people know how or what the class Writing for Publication is. A majority of students and staff also don’t know that we have a school newspaper! Here are a few things that show you what it takes to be in Writing for Publication


  • Writing Articles


Obviously we write articles for the newspaper, otherwise it wouldn’t be a newspaper right? Well, the steps in creating an article are a little different than that of an average English class. There is a step by step guide that we must follow, and it must answer questions such as: Is it informative? Is it entertaining? And Where does it take place? On top of that, we must have peer to peer editing to make sure the essay is properly polished when it is time to upload it.

  1. Website management

A majority of the time that is spent in class for some students is making sure the website is running properly, and continuously uploading the essays onto it. This is typically a job for a single student, and it is quite a simple process. The website manager has to make sure everything is in peak performance, and everything is easy to maneuver around. If anyone has any problem with the way the website is laid out, it is up to the website manager to correct whatever is wrong.

  1. Have Fun!

Our class doesn’t only work. We actually have a lot of fun! We get into whole class conversations all the time, and we even have snack days.

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