Can Money Buy Happiness?

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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Sophia Terzes, Writer

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New research on the topic has shed light on this age-old question about the relationship between the income we earn and the way it makes us feel.

The most recent study shows that there is no proof that more money means an especially good life. Actually, how people spend their money is the most prominent factor on how we react to our wealth. For example, when people give away money they feel a lot better and happier than when using it solely on themselves. Also, it’s been proven that experiences improve your well-being.

I completely agree. Life is made up of experiences and memories not little impulse purchases. The experiences I’m talking about don’t have to be fancy, expensive vacations. Actually, some of the best experiences are those that cost little to no money, such as camping or going on a spontaneous day trip somewhere.

When you’re with the people you love and care about doing things that make you smile, those are the things that make you happy. Happiness can be achieved with or without a lot of cash.

I also believe that we are never satisfied. We find reasons as to why something isn’t good enough or we look too far ahead instead of living in the moment. So, instead of appreciating what we have, we need more, especially more money.

Because money makes everything better right? No, it doesn’t. It’s an excuse. Being happy is a personal decision. Money can help make ends meet, but friends, experiences and love don’t cost a penny.

People should spend more time coming to terms with themselves and what they have, to find happiness, rather than relying on money, which we place too high on our need-list. Money is a bonus to a happy life, it isn’t what makes it.

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