Wait, There’s an LGBT Club?

Jay Devita, Editor

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The LGBT+ club at Northern started with a goal. That goal was to inform the students at Northern about gay rights, acceptance, and positivity. This goal was noble, and for the first few weeks in November of 2015, a small group of students gathered every Wednesday for half an hour to discuss how to do it.

Many of you reading this article just said, “there’s an LGBT club?” and there, reader, lies my point. I have been a pretty big part of the club since its inception in 2015, its creators being Jenna Flory and Mary Gray. From the start, the club wasn’t so much a bridge o’er troubled water, it was a troubled bridge. It took three application attempts for the club to be approved, and the club didn’t get a proper start up until sometime in mid-November. From there the club’s questionable leadership extended into its second year, and now its third has ushered in some competence.

Year three of the LGBT+ club is the year where stuff has started getting done, kind of. Every week the leader heads a discussion about how exactly the club can make the school a better place for kids like us, and usually there are good ideas being thrown around.

I do think there’s real hope for the LGBT+ club, a recent partnership with the diversity club makes me optimistic. All it needs is some new voices to start sharing more ideas, and start enacting them within the hallowed halls of Forest Hills Northern, not being afraid of the adversity we might face because we know that eventually we would bring even these folks around!

LGBT+ Club meets every day in W 29, swing by sometime, and we’d be happy to have you.

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