What’s New In Adobe?

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What’s New In Adobe?

Denis Rekic, Website Manager

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Many artists are very excited for what Adobe has to offer this year. From Photoshop to After Effects, there are many new revolutionary programs that have been released this year to help artists create new, amazing arts. Adobe Sensei is the backbone of all this revolutionary tech.

Adobe Sensei is an artificial intelligence created by Adobe like Siri or Google Home. Sensei has many ways to help artists who use photoshop or other adobe software.

This A.I. can help find photos that aren’t named just by looking up what is found in the photo. Sensei was fed millions of different pictures so it can differentiate what is a car and what is a person. You can even be as descriptive to search up “black eyed panther” and it will find it. So no need to waste your time naming them anymore.

This A.I. also colors in sketches for artists. All one has to do is upload sketches into Adobe Sensei, and press “color,” and it finds what is needed to find the most accurate colors of the drawing. It determines things like what kind of animal it is, or what race the person looks like depicted from just the facial features.

Adobe chief technology officer states that Adobe Sensei is a “unified framework” and that it will continue to excel and learn what it hasn’t already.

Adobe Sensei is an amazing and refreshing form of artificial intelligence, and it is only expected to grow. This program helps any starting artist to become familiar with the program as fast as possible.

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