5 Success Tips for Exam Week

Katie Gray, Writer

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Exams are right around the corner! They are very important, so you want to be prepared and do the best you can. Here are a few tips for success on these important semester tests.

First of all, studying for exams happens throughout the entire semester, so pay attention in class, study for all your quizzes and tests, and do all of your homework. It will make studying for exams a lot less stressful and difficult. Also, if you make sure to keep up on studying throughout the semester you won’t have to study as much as you would if you were trying to cram.

Second, don’t procrastinate studying. Studying over time will be much more efficient and useful than only having a couple days to study right before your exams.

The third pro tip is to organize your notes, decide where your priorities are, and make a study schedule. If your studying is organized, it will be easier and more efficient. Your studying will take less time and you will learn the information better.

“Maybe take a break from Netflix,” advised Mr. Gillette.

A fourth suggestion is to pay attention during class reviews and ask your teacher about any questions you have about the material. Don’t wait until the day before or else you won’t have enough time to learn it.

Finally, of course, sleep well the night before and eat a good breakfast.

Follow all the steps to succeed on your exams. Good luck!

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