What you NEED to Know About the 60th Annual Grammys

Anthony Baker, Writer

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The 60th Annual Grammys, hosted by the Recording Academy Association, are rolling up in the next few weeks on Sunday, the 28th of January.

Over the last year, artists of all genres of music released projects, and the time has almost come to honor those that have succeeded amongst others. The Grammys are awarded to artists for albums, songs, performances, composition, music production, film soundtrack, and the best-ofs for each genre. Some artists are nominated for multiple Grammy awards, namely rappers Kendrick Lamar and JAY Z, who collectively were nominated for a total of 15 Grammy nominations.

Over 2017, Hip Hop became the most popular genre in music, surpassing Rock for the first time in history. Following suit, most of the best-of-the-best Grammy awards such as Record of the Year and Album of the Year are dominated by Hip Hop.

Some artists are actually boycotting the Grammys this year, primarily rapper and entertainer Drake, three time Grammy award winner. The reason why he (and many others in the past) is boycotting the Grammys this year is because he doesn’t want to be classified as just a rapper, and nominated for awards only encompassed by the Rap genre stamp. Drake is not only a rapper but also a singer and songwriter as well.

With a melting pot full of new artists and already well-established major artists nominated for this year’s Grammy awards, the clock is counting down to see who comes out on top with each award this year. See the full list of awards along with their nominees here.

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