D.A.C.A. and Why it’s Important

Niko Scharnowski, Writer

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The Trump administration has been trying to reverse the D.A.C.A. policy.

But what is D.A.C.A.? D.A.C.A is a policy created by the Obama administration in 2012 allowing people who came to the U.S. illegally as minors to stay in the U.S. with a two-year period of deferred action from deportation and to be eligible for a work permit. D.A.C.A. is also known as Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals.

D.A.C.A. is an important program due to the fact that 800,000 dreamers rely on this policy to keep them in the U.S.

Senior Shane Hykin is not in favor of the policy as it is. “I think it’s a poor policy because it gives illegal immigrants an incentive to come to the United States to have their kids, basically barging their way towards citizenship.”

Research shows that the implementation of this policy reduced the amount of unauthorized immigrant households living in poverty.

“I wish we could modify the policy to be slightly more restrictive,” Shane mentioned, “but continue to enforce the policy so that children born in the U.S. can continue to have an opportunity to live here and fulfil the American dream.”

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