What are Kava Lounges and Where are They Coming From?

Sydnee Michmerhuizen, Writer

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Kava shops are popping up all around the United States, and people should expect even more kava lounges to start showing up in the next year.

A little over one year ago, Kava Kasa opened its doors on Cherry Street in Grand Rapids, becoming Michigan’s first kava lounge.

“We should start seeing more and more kava shops showing up everywhere,” said Kava Kasa barista, Annie Wezdecki.

According to KavaKasaGR, kava is a root from the South Pacific. Typically kava is served as a drink, sometimes known as “kava milk.” The roots are ground up and dried, forming a powder that is later mixed with water and served in a bowl as a cold brew tea. Most times kava bars offer sweeteners and different types of milk to help dilute the natural, earthy flavor of the root.

“We usually get some pretty friendly people in here. Most of the people that come in are regulars. Some of them are trying to make each Monday a game night, but we’ll see how that turns out,” said Annie.

Kava offers many benefits including muscle recovery, anxiety relief, nervous system support, mental focus, and relaxation. Kava has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. These benefits are the main reason kava lounges have had an increase in popularity.

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