Swirl: The Dance With A Twist

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Swirl: The Dance With A Twist

Lydia Bouma, Writer

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Forest Hills Northern dances are surely ones to be remembered. Student government member Madeline Kremer stated how she was ecstatic about the upcoming dance. Swirl is the one dance of the school year where the girl asks the guy–a spin on the traditional way dances run where guys ask the girls.

“It’s an event we host every year in the spring. It’s one of the three formal dances of the school year,” commented Madeline Kremer.

Student government has been putting a months of work to perfect this event. They meet once a week to discuss and plan. Overall, their hope is that the entire student body can enjoy themselves and have fun.

“The goal of this event is to provide a fun activity for students of FHN to enjoy. I am looking forward to spending time with my friends and dancing at our last swirl since I am a senior.”

Student government will promote the upcoming dance in numerous ways. They want to make sure every student is informed about Swirl.

“We will be making posters, talking over announcements, and talking at lunches to raise awareness of this event.”

For the people that haven’t been to Swirl, Madeline has ideas about what they should expect.

“Lots of fun, lots of music, lots of dancing, and lots of singing! Even if  you don’t enjoy dances, you should come out and give it a try. Students can leave whenever they want so there is no obligation to stay for the entire event.”

Swirl is the 24th of February and doors open at 8pm. Everyone who is planning to come should be there by 9pm when doors close.  The dance ends at 11pm, and students should have a ride planned out if they can’t drive.

“We hope to see everyone come out and have a fun night at Swirl 2018!”

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