Model UN at U of M (MUNUM)

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Model UN at U of M (MUNUM)

Rajeev Nag, Writer

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Over the past weekend, 17 students from Forest Hills Northern went to Ann Arbor to attend MUNUM. The students were there from Thursday to Sunday. Overall, the conference had 750 delegates.

The secretary general who was in security council, Brett Bauman, had a blast. “The committee went so well! Everyone worked together perfectly and put aside their personal interests for the greater good. When we reached the second topic, things got a little more conscientious, but we still ended up finding enough common ground to pass a resolution.”

In just the Crisis committee, 20 resolutions were passed. In DISEC (The Disarmament and International Security Committee), 3 were passed.

Brett Bauman won the Best Delegate award, and Harsimran Sandhu got an honorable mention. “I feel so great about winning best delegate; This is my 7th conference and I’ve worked so hard at every one. It’s nice to see my hard work pay off.”

MUNUM is slightly different than GLIMUN. For one, the parliamentary procedure is slightly different.

“There was a bit less emphasis on parliamentary procedure, and my committee had a lot more crisis. We also had a lot more free time where we got to go to the delegate dance, do trivia, or just hang out and go get food,” said Bauman. “It really was a lot of fun, my favorite memory was probably when actors came into our committee and pretended that Kyrgyzstan had been conquered. Besides that, I just had a lot of fun with my friends at my last conference in high school.”

At MUNUM, students also got the chance to go and visit their friends who were attending the University of Michigan. Brett got to see Carson Vanskiver, Victor Hao, and many other kids who had already graduated for Northern.

As far as NORMUN (Northern Model UN) knows, this is the last conference of the year. There will, however, be three next year, so if you’re a 9-11th grader, you still have a chance to do Model UN.

“Yeah, it’s a really amazing experience. I recommend it to anyone who likes parliamentary procedure or debate.” If you’d like to sign up, talk to Mr. Vredevelt in west hall.

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