50 Years and a Northern Holiday

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50 Years and a Northern Holiday

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By Sadie Knee and Kyra St John

On October 20, 2018, a banner waved outside of the front entrance of Forest Hills Northern High School. It was a school holiday: Dave Howard finally made it over the hill. Howard took Friday off from teaching to head to his cottage in Petoskey for a long weekend to celebrate his birthday.

“I blew leaves. Nothing exciting. I don’t really feel any different. Still got gray hair. Wig off,” explained Howard.

The students and staff of FHN got together to decorate the newsroom. The door and windows were covered in stars and the number 50. Inside, a bouquet of balloons was placed on Howard’s desk. The school’s news channel even featured a video of his best moments here at Northern. It is clear that Howard’s birthday holds a special place in the hearts of the students and staff of FHN.

Howard is in his 28th year working at Forest Hills Northern High School. He is the director of the theatre program and head of FHNTV Channel 2 News, the school’s news. Howard has even expanded his repertoire by teaching an English class dubbed “Senior Seminar” for the class of 2019.

It is no secret that Howard is a very well-liked teacher among the student body. Being head of multiple departments, he is able to spend time and create relationships with many different students.

“Mr. Howard, he just such a great man. He always brings a smile to my face,” recalled Addie Brown, a junior in Howard’s broadcasting class.

Senior broadcasting students John Allan Plantamura and Paige Metcalf share their thoughts on Howard, although they’ve felt Howard’s love in a slightly different manner.

“Howard has mentally abused me by love and caring actions,” stated Plantamura due to the way that Howard is notorious for joking actions.

He is also known for making his students run a lot of his errands. Metcalf added, “I know that he loves me because he asks me to do all his dirty work.”

It is clear that Howard’s birthday holds a special place in the hearts of the students and staff of FHN.

“Now that he’s over 50, I hope he can still remember everything he’s done throughout his life. I also wish him another happy 50 years,” stated attendance secretary Mary Johnston.

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