Juniors Emerge Victorious, Sweeping the 2018 Class Dance First Place Title

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The day had come. October 12th, the Friday of Homecoming Week.

Weeks and weeks of hard work. A 6 am practice. Blood, sweat, and tears. Finally, it was time for the juniors to take center stage or gym. Clad in all black, cheeks painted with gold glitter, and girls hair pulled back into sharp french braids, the class of 2020 took their starting positions.

The music began. The 11th graders performed their practiced routine; sweeping the first place title of class dance.

The juniors were the first class to begin practices. They started in late August, weeks before any other grade. After school on the day before the Homecoming Assembly, each class must do a mandatory dress rehearsal in front of Mrs. Morrison. However, the day before the final performance, the 11th graders were in the worst shape.

Claudia Vanvalkenburg, choreographer, recalls the rehearsal. “The day before we performed we had a questionable dress rehearsal and decided to meet before school to gain some confidence.”

Juniors called an emergency 6 am practice the day of the dance. “With the incentive of donuts and cider we had a great turnout and cleaned up the choreography,” Vanvalkenburg says.

News got around that the juniors were scrambling to perfect and improve. The juniors themselves doubted their ability; however, they made a decision to have fun and perform the dance the best that they could. “I was very nervous, but also super excited and focused. I was just having fun,” says Nadia Stauffer.

Their Hollywood-themed dance, featuring many solos, showcased performances from many popular movies, including a Star Wars battle with lightsabers, a fight scene from Rocky, and the infamous lift from Dirty Dancing.

Sarah Gruchow, a first-time class dancer, said, “It was a little nerve-wracking beforehand, but it was really exciting.”

The finale was topped off with an intense performance to the song “The Greatest Show” from the movie The Greatest Showman.

Anna Biebel, a member of the dance said, “It wasn’t until I saw the look on the seniors’ faces after our dance that I realized how well we had done. We were all just focused on having fun.”

Stauffer described the atmosphere after the dance as exciting. “We all had so much energy and were so happy the hard work paid off!”

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