Spectators Asked to Leave Northern Soccer Game

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By: Sean Slayton and Lili Hudson

October 24, 2018

Yesterday’s soccer game did not end well for the Northern Soccer team; despite continuing their undefeated streak with a final score of 5-0 against East Grand Rapids. Both the Northern parent and student sections in the stands were asked by the referee to leave a game. The referee didn’t appreciate their shouting and disapproval of his calls from families and students.

“The parents were too loud,” stated Nate Texer, player.

Mrs. Mattman, attendee, recalled that “the referee stood in the middle of the field and said ‘clear the stands.’” There was no trophy presentation or any concessions sold after the audience left. Mrs. Mattman pitied Cedar Springs for the possible loss of revenue due to the crowd’s disappearance. The game continued after both the parent and student sections left.

Upon the game’s conclusion, a total of 2 red cards and 13 yellow cards were given out, according to Zach Meyers.

“I’d say about 90% of yellow cards were directed at Northern. It wasn’t even close.” Neither of the red cards presented was preceded by yellow cards. According to the players, this is highly unusual in all levels of soccer.

The head coach, Daniel Siminski, was not allowed to coach the game on October 23rd as a result of a red card he received during the game. Northern’s assistant coaches replaced Siminski on the 23rd.

Northern is excited to continue at the Division 2 Regional tournament which will be held at Cedar Springs on Thursday, October 25th at  6:00 p.m. Siminski will be allowed to continue coaching at the Regional Tournament, and according to Riley, captain, the team is prepared for the game.


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Spectators Asked to Leave Northern Soccer Game