The Pack in the Postseason: FHN Boys Varsity Soccer Team’s Dominance on the Field

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The Pack in the Postseason: FHN Boys Varsity Soccer Team’s Dominance on the Field


By: Bella Dahlquist, Victor Santillán, and Davis Van Skiver

October 24th, 2018

Pictured left: Sawyer Rillett, center: Zac Meyers, right: Devin Riley

The FHN Boys’ Varsity soccer team is working on a state finals run and had a dominant 8-0 victory against Petoskey at Cedar Springs High School.  They have successfully claimed the title of District Champions.

The Huskies take pride in their easy-going playstyle. “A lot of teams are too serious, and our team isn’t like that.  We mess around a lot. Even on the field we are laughing and messing around during the game,” said Captain Devin Riley.

“But we make sure that we get things done,” he added. has the Huskies ranked 74th in the nation and first in the state, with a record of 21-0-1.

Captain Zac Meyers said that when they are having fun, they play their best.  “Ninety-eight percent of soccer is chemistry, and we have it, which makes us successful on the field.”

The Huskies have only made it to the state finals once in the past four years. The team feels “pretty confident” about their odds of going to the state championship.

“Our chances are greater and the competition is easier than in past years,” Meyers asserted.  “But we can’t get too cocky.”

“I think that we can win it all if we just play our best game,” stated Rilett.

Their only obstacle according to Meyers is themselves.  “When we are playing against each other and not together is when we lose.”

Riley included that the team should also work on finishing while handling the ball. “We need to work on our goal scoring and our accuracy.”

The Huskies have had a dominant presence so far in the playoffs and have had a lot of shutout games, including winning the district title against East Grand Rapids 5-0.  To Captain Sawyer Rilett said that it felt like a “pick up game” because the win was “so easy.”

The Huskies have a lot of experience with district finals and have won six consecutively. This postseason, only two goals have been let up and have scored 21 goals.

“We have had a build up of our players and skills since freshman year because we have been playing together for so long,” Riley explained.  “Now we have the confidence and dominance to play in the postseason.”

The team can see a state championship close in their reach.  They take on Haslett at Cedar Springs Thursday, October 25th, at 7pm.



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