Seniors Go Out Cold

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Seniors Go Out Cold

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By: Czareon Long and Joshua Verstraete

The Seniors played the last football game of their high school careers on Friday, October 19. Cedar Springs hosted Forest Hills Northern in their last regular season game. The Huskies needed to win in order to get to the playoffs, but they fell short, losing 40-0. It was an emotional ending for the seniors. Tears were shed and dreams were shattered after the final whistle.  

Many would say that the team’s chemistry was off due to previous years, but this senior class knew change had to happen.

Ian Rampersad, a two-year starter at wide receiver noticed that the team played with much more emotion than in past years.  “Whenever we would get down in a game, I feel like our chemistry would let us fire ourselves back up.”

From the start of football in the summer, this team put in work to create a bond, not only with each other but with the underclassmen as well. The bond that was created was much stronger than in past years and was evident to the leaders on the team.  

The size of the team was something that always hindered the Huskies. With only 27 players, Northern sometimes had 20 fewer players than the other team, and when it got into the fourth quarter, it seemed that the players were worn down.

“The size of the team was definitely a factor in our close games. We didn’t have the stamina to keep up with fresh players in the fourth quarter,” Gill commented.

Despite the Huskies’ underperforming season and lackluster ending, there were some good memories from the younger players who were playing with the seniors for the first time.

“They were funny and chill, my brodies,” sophomore Trinidad Chambliss commented. Chambliss was brought onto the team in a backup role behind senior quarterback Xavier Webster.

“‘X’ was a great example for me. Next year I hope to play like him because he set an example of what to do.”

One of the Junior leaders Ryan Howe commented that “It was a really, really cool experience to play with the seniors. they were like a second family to me.”

Tyler Koth, senior, who has watched these Northern football players since their freshman year, left a remark that summed up his feelings about the team.  “In my book, they were zero-star players with five-star hearts.”


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