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By:  Victor Santillan

Laws are made in order to provide safety and insurance for the community.  Some people just feel the need to break them in the most annoying way possible.

Illegal lane turning has become an epidemic in the United States. More drivers are becoming victims each day due to the irresponsibility of a select group of rule breakers.

While in driver’s training, I quickly learned that turning in the first available lane was just common sense. I mean it only makes sense to turn in your lane. In kindergarten we were all taught not to cut in line. What changed?

It also happens to be a law. Who would’ve thought?

After searching on the internet, it seems to be quite an issue on underfunded blogs from people who want to argue back and forth over a simple law.  

M Live’s own Kyla King presented the topic. Many readers took sides on the issue, but in Michigan, it is illegal to turn in any lane except the first available lane.

Each state has its  own set of laws that apply on the road, but I think we all can agree on one thing: getting cut off is the worst.

The experience looks a little something like this: You’re on your way home from a long day of school and the drive home is killing you. As you continue down Fulton in the left lane, a car comes out of from a sidestreet and completely cuts you off. Instead of taking the right lane like a responsible driver, they take the second lane. That is enough to set anyone off…even Morgan Freeman.

As one of my pet peeves, I believe this is one of the worst things that can happen to someone. The emotional vulnerability that exists while driving is nothing to play with. Road rage is REAL.

To better the situation, we can make sure that drivers education programs emphasize the law and educate students on how to properly turn. Jungle Drivers Education does a fantastic job at this aspect of driving.

As silly as it seems, we need to learn about the turn. Who knows how advanced society would be if we could just drive correctly? I bet we would have flying cars by now. Maybe. I guess we’ll never know.


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