$80,000 for What? College

The success of high school graduates shouldn’t be determined by whether or not they can pay for a college education.

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By: Sammi Blair

A college education is beneficial to so many people, but the cost may become a barrier for some households where it’s too difficult to manage financially. Everyone emphasizes the importance of getting a college education, but very rarely is it assessed that it’s impossible to pay for.

Sure the government offers grants and loans to help pay for college expenses, and they are great until people have to face the reality of paying them all back. Students coming out of high school are only 17 or 18 years old and are expected to know how to manage and pay for a college education that can range anywhere from $10,000 to $45,000 each year.  Just the tuition fees for state schools is expensive. All of these prices aren’t including the other fees such as room and board or even the fees for the textbooks you are required to purchase.

$32,069 – Adrian College

$30,746 – Aquinas College

$33,100 – Calvin College

$12,510 – Central Michigan University

$27,150 – Cornerstone University

$16,728 – Davenport University

$11,919 – Eastern Michigan University

$11,628 – Ferris State University

$6,486 – Grand Rapids Community College

$11,994 – Grand Valley State University

$32,490 – Hope College

$46,350 – Kalamazoo College

$14,460 – Michigan State University

$9,620 – Northern Michigan University

$11,970 – Oakland University

$9,381 – Saginaw Valley State University

$14,495 – University of Michigan

$11,020 – Western Michigan University

By decreasing or even maybe getting rid of the price of a college education, many people would benefit. Not only would people be more highly educated, but they would also be able to work in more advanced fields to earn a better living. Having people working in higher paying jobs, the income they make would circle back into the economy, so the worry about the loss of money circulating in the economy wouldn’t be a thing.

The more people make, the more people spend.

The state of Tennessee created something called the Tennessee Promise that has made all Community Colleges free of charge to all people. This takes away the stress of having to pay or post-secondary schooling. The best part is that the money doesn’t cost taxpayers any extra. It doesn’t make sense as to why other states can’t join Tennessee in looking out for the financial status of their students.

If states can’t completely eliminate the cost of college, why can’t they just make all colleges the same affordable price? Some people are spending $45,000+ on college per year when they could get the same or better education somewhere else that is more affordable.

High school students are told to choose the college that best fits them, but price gets in the way of some students’ options. People might want to go to places like Harvard or UCLA but can’t. These Universities increase their prices so much and offer so little help with financial aid that it is nearly impossible to go to college without having debt.


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