Whose Got The Power?

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Whose Got The Power?

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The Future Isn´t Female, it´s Equal

By: Sean Slayton

Throughout the 20th century, and especially through the 21st century so far, women´s activist groups have gained traction in politics, athletics, education, and business.  Recently, however, the feminist movement seems to be exclusively focusing on female empowerment instead of equality. In this bold new age, we must check all forms of power to ensure that everyone can benefit from advances in civilization.

A distressing statistic that many ignore is the fact that men are 3.54x as likely to commit suicide (and every 7 out of 10 deaths being white males), the highest rates being among middle-aged white males.

Men have a huge pressure put on them starting at adolescence and culminating in their teens where they have to separate from their mothers care and become a ¨independent man,¨ this stereotype is that of the provider/breadwinner. Men are obligated under this assumption that they have to be the one providing for their families, and that imperfection in success, happiness, or their children’s physical/emotional health and is the fault of the father. Knowing this, it’s no wonder why men commit suicide more often than females, they feel like they’ve failed as a ¨man.¨

Even in education young boys get the short end of the stick, our present-day school system is that where boys are the equivalent of dysfunctional girls in treatment. Masculine emotions are suppressed instead of molded (being loud and confident as well as taking leadership), masculine interests (like comic books, video games, and physical competition) are suppressed as well. This is unfair when female interests and emotions get the opposite treatment by being encouraged, and often teachers will discount a boy during punishment by comparing them outright to girls. Even in high school, when young men still grapple with their emotions (males mature later, which is often seen as the boy’s fault), they are still being compared to their female peers as if being female with feminine traits was solely the correct way to live life.

If anything, this logic is a detriment to young girls as well. Excessive coddling can lower a girl’s standard of achievement in life to where she may not realize it until later on in her life. (Like if she settles for wages less than she is worth.)

So how can this problem be fixed? The answer is simple–embrace basic biology. Women and men will never be perfectly equal, and that’s why our species survives. Men are confrontational and naturally stronger than women. The difference between sexes is something to be celebrated, and one shouldn´t attempt to intimidate the other, especially at the other´s expense. Everybody should be able to access his or her desired careers and aspirations without being restricted in any way, shape, or form; however, this logic must be applied to men, women, boys, and girls alike.

Contrary to its earlier movements focusing on equal rights like suffrage and ability to run for public office, the third wave now seems authoritarian and borderline sexist in nature.


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