Does the School Have Its Priorities Straight?

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By: Kyra St John

During the November election, a bond was passed to give $130 million to Forest Hills Public Schools. The bond is said to invest, secure, and inspire the kids at FHPS through 2027. The people in charge of distributing the bond want to invest in the district’s infrastructure by upgrading aging systems to save costs. Secure the school by adding new security systems and enforcement. Inspire the kids by implementing new programs that can bring more success to the schools.

That sounds like a good distribution of the money if you don’t go to school every day.

With today’s society, it makes sense that we need more security.  And with our school being nearly 50 years old, I understand needing to update the infrastructure of the building. However, if you are a student at Forest Hills Northern High School, then you know that we need a lot more updates than just the “infrastructure.”

I can’t believe that they want to put money into programs to switch up the curriculum and try something new that might not work when we don’t even have cold water available in this school. I believe that we should make the school a place that most kids want to be before we put our money into programs that kids might not even even like or a new paint job for the outside of the building.

Here are a few things that I believe should be replaced or added to the school before anything else:

  • Water bottle fillers on all the drinking fountains or at least new filters for the existing ones. -Mirrors in the bathrooms by the stadiums because it’s just ridiculous that we don’t have them.
  • Stall doors in the bathrooms that actually close (or even stay on) because we deserve privacy when trying to use the bathroom.
  • Paper towel dispensers or hand dryers that actually dry your hands
  • Color printers in the Media Center for people who don’t have access to a functioning printer
  • More than two desktops from 2012 in the Media Center in case a group of people need to print something, or an updated printer so anyone can connect to it and print something off their own computer

The bond proposal on the November election was well written and seemed like it would do a lot for Forest Hills Public Schools, but that’s only if you are a parent or someone who doesn’t attend the school on a regular basis. There are many issues inside this school that need to be addressed, and that’s why I think we should be using the bond money for things inside the school before they use it for what was on the proposal.


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