Generation Z: What They Don’t Know

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By: Hayley Jackson

Generation Z is anyone born after the mid-1990s. The millennials taught this generation and shaped the way that we interact with the world. However, being apart of Generation Z, I believe we also have things we can teach to our older generations. It’s important to show why our generation differs from others because we’re progressing our society as we know it.

Our generation is much more willing to speak out about social justice issues concerning race relations, gender inequality, and LGBTQ rights. We have broken many stereotypes that millennials grew up with their entire lives. Everyone has a right to his or her voice today, and we’re much more involved in politics than ever before. Amongst all the events that have happened, mass shootings at public places and schools are the most prevalent. We aren’t afraid to speak up against power figures, and we’ll protest until something is changed. Even if people tell our generation that we’re ‘not mature enough to be involved in politics’ there is always a reason behind our protests.

Growing up with issues including terrorism, school conflicts, and violence, Generation Z has learned to be more adaptable to new situations and proactive in the face of social problems. After the 9/11 attack, our country became very divided, and we were all wary of one another. It is now the norm to lock up our possessions and worry about the people around us. Today, this has caused our generation to focus on our passions and future goals. We all believe we can make a difference in the world if we pursue a career or life that brings us the most happiness.

We also are involved in volunteering and campaigning for charities. Statistics have found that our generation is more willing to volunteer for important causes at 26.4% in comparison to the millennials who average 18.4%. It is important to help and give back to our community no matter how small it may be. We thrive on donating without reward to organizations like food banks or blood banks. I believe that we can teach older generations that an individual can do a good deed to help someone in need out without receiving anything in return.  

One of the most significant things separating us from other age groups is that we use our energy and fresh ideas to innovate all around the world. It has been proven that Generation Z is the most diverse generation ever recorded with 25% of people having a minority background. This has caused us to be more connected to others on a global level with the help of technology. With the help of technology, we can complete tasks more quickly and efficiently. It has helped us save lives in the medical field.

Every generation has contributed different things to the world, and it will continue to change. It is our responsibility to inform our older generations about the changes we are making that will effectively transform our society.

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