Little Fires Everywhere

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Little Fires Everywhere

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By:  Emma Curcuru

In New York Times Bestseller book, Little Fires Everywhere, bestselling author Celeste Ng writes honest, realistic fiction revolving around secrets kept between families, and introduces the corrupt conformity that is the real Shaker Heights Community.  

Ng captures readers through her through character developments and leaves you in constant curiosity as you search through the book’s secrets and lies, leaving you with the question of what lengths will someone go to protect the people they love.

The storyline follows Mia Warren, an offbeat single mom and artist with a mysterious past, and her teenage daughter, Pearl. This unconventional family moves into the harmonized suburb of Cleveland called Shaker Heights. Ng provides a fresh and vivid depiction of the community having spent a portion of her childhood in Shaker Heights.   

Mia Warren’s carefree and unorthodox personality directly contrasts the character of Elena Richards, a Shaker Heights native who lives her life by the rules and happens to be Warren’s landlord. But when the mother-daughter duo become ingrained in the four Richardson children’s lives, Elena becomes weary of Mia. And when a legal battle divides the placid community, Mia and Lena are found on opposing sides. Elena’s suspicions about the Shaker Heights’ immigrant grow to an obsession as she becomes determined to dig up the secrets in Mia’s past.

Little Fires Everywhere will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Ng keeps the reader enthralled through the use of foreshadowing, emotion, and mystery.

Little Fires Everywhere is unlike any other book on the shelf. It is a moving story filled with many important messages of friendship, family, the bond of motherhood, and the dangers of living life according to the rules.

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