TSO Rocks The House of Van Andel

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Photo from Getty Images

By: Hayley Jackson

Trans-Siberian Orchestra performed their well-loved show “Ghosts of Christmas Eve 2018” on December 2nd, at 3 pm and 7:30 pm at Van Andel Arena. The show consisted of twenty-seven numbers that extended the concert out to over two and a half hours.

The night began with Chris Caffery, guitarist, coming on stage with representatives from God’s Kitchen and Kids’ Food Basket to announce that TSO would be donating $19,000 to these charities. The crowd went wild when each representative talked about their charities and how the orchestra would be making such a substantial contribution to them. Then the lights dimmed, and the show began.

They played a few slower opening numbers with an array of lights. The stage then moved to tell their story “The Ghost of Christmas Eve.” It lifted to show a theatre and a silhouette appeared from a door. It was a man wearing a trench coat holding a book. He slowly walked to the front of the stage, and the spotlight was set on him.

As the show progressed, Bryan Hicks told the story, and the group performed a mixture of songs with the story. This included their new music and fan-favorites like “Christmas Eve Sarajevo.” One of the most memorable parts of the show was the fire that kept launching into the air around the orchestra. It was so intense that every person in the arena could feel the heat. The magic created by Carson William’s original light display was one of the most shocking surprises of the concert. Lights shot out from every direction and captivated the audience for every moment of the performance.

TSO made sure to interact with their massive audience. Chris Caffery and Roddy Chong ran out into the crowd stopping to say hello to young children while still playing their instruments. They then went onto a separate platform and were lifted into the air where all could see in the back of Van Andel. The platforms moved around in a circular motion, and they played alongside the other performers on the main stage.

This show has been on tour for twenty years, but revisions to the 2018 show make it new and exciting for all audiences. Any person who wants a fresh view on Christmas music needs to discover TSO’s renditions of rock Christmas songs and blues.


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