Noco Provisions: Better Than Expected

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Noco Provisions: Better Than Expected

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Pictured:  Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich

By: Joshua Verstraete

Noco Provisions on the corner of Cascade Road and Forest Hills Avenue has been controversial in the Forest Hills area since it opened. The controversy was how inconsistent their staff was and whether or not the food was worth the price. Despite these mixed reviews, a new interior that is a good spot to meet for food and a great location have allowed Noco to stay. These are just a few reasons that led to me finally giving Noco a try.

Noco’s interior has a refreshing new look compared to some of the older restaurants in Grand Rapids. The bar atmosphere is great for a night out on the weekend, but dining in their four-season room and a private dining room for larger parties provides a classier feel. The dark hardwood floors paired with hanging lights above the tables gives the restaurant an amazing ambiance that is great for dining.

Having heard subpar reviews about the service there, I was pleasantly surprised when I met the manager. He added to the great first impression that the interior of the restaurant makes. He was very professional, yet he gives guests the feeling that he is welcoming them into a place where they can enjoy their meal without worries about service.

Employee Kai Lang had this to say about the manager, “Yeah, I love Brandon, man. He’s professional, but he also calls me ‘Bro’ and just made me feel at home right away here.”

Lastly, is the food. Staff members recommended the Chicken Sandwich, which is a favorite on the menu. When the sandwich came out, it was still steaming hot, and the sauce was oozing from the chicken. The sauce is a mixture of many different ingredients, but the flavor of the buttermilk chicken and the sauce make each bite a wonderful taste of savory chicken with a little bit of a hint of garlic in it. The fries that come with the sandwich do not disappoint either, seasoned before being fried to a crisp brown. They can be eaten with a variety of dipping sauces.

Noco Provisions not only lived up to my expectations, it surpassed them. With great quality service and amazing food, this restaurant on Cascade Road has turned things around since it opened just over a year ago.

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