70s-Themed Restaurant Opens in Grand Rapids

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70s-Themed Restaurant Opens in Grand Rapids

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By: Nithya Balakrishnan

Walking into The Commons almost feels like walking into the past. From the cozy, lived-in furniture to the warm, inviting atmosphere, The Commons provides a unique 70’s feel to Grand Rapids.

Currently serving lunch and dinner, The Commons offers upscale comfort food, including “Street Corn Mac and Cheese,” “Cauliflower Fried Rice,” and “Roasted Portobello Sandwich.” All dishes are served quickly, with sizeable portions that leave you feeling full and satisfied.  Also included on the menu are ‘70s-themed drinks.

I ordered the Street Corn Mac and Cheese, and it was truly out of this world. The dish was served hot and the mac and cheese was creamy, courtesy of the queso fresco, topped with shredded jalapenos and bread crumbs. The highlight was without a doubt the sweet corn, which provided a hint of sweetness to the dish.

Pictured: Street Corn Mac and Cheese

The Roasted Portobello Sandwich, too, was well-received. It features portobello mushroom and beets with basil aioli and nantucket brioche, along with a side of delicious herb fries.

Pictured: Roasted Portobello Sandwich

The Commons opened November 28th and is the second restaurant in this chain. The other is located in Los Angeles.

The service is impeccable, and our food arrived quickly and exactly to order. The staff is lively and helpful and checked in with us regularly.

The diner features a full bar, complete with antique lamps decorating shelves, an inviting sofa area with an old-time television, vintage flower wallpaper, and a lighted sign displaying the restaurant’s name.

The diner even decorated for Christmas, with gold accents and a Christmas tree placed in the front.

It is the ideal place to pop in for a quick bite or a drink, and a great, warm place to escape the cold of West Michigan. They are open every day from 11 am to late in the night.

Located on 547 Cherry Street in Grand Rapids, The Commons is the perfect addition to Grand Rapids. Bring your friends or family and have a groovy time at The Commons.

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