Tacos el Cunado

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By: Oscar Benson

If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet delicious meal, Tacos El Cunado is for you. Tacos El Cunado is located in downtown Grand Rapids on Bridge Street. They offer great deals on Taco Tuesdays, which consist of three tacos for 5 dollars instead of the usual 2.50 per taco. They also sell quesadillas and burritos, which are excellent.

This restaurant is better suited as a takeout place because there is no seating inside. They have outdoor seating consisting of two picnic tables. The scenery is not anything stunning. There’s a well-lit liquor store across the street, and there are also old wasp nests underneath the tables.

Usually, there is a long line because a lot of people really enjoy their food. Carson Cencich, a frequent customer at Tacos El Cunado, stated, “These are the best tacos in the state.” They will serve you with a smile on their face and you can ask for a discount.

The food is nothing short of delicious, it is served either wrapped in aluminum foil or in a plastic platter. The tacos will come standard with cilantro and onions but you could also add cheese or tomatoes for an extra charge. They have various types of meats you can have on your tacos such as steak, pork, chicken and fish. For beverages, they have every flavor of jarritos and then your standard Coke and Pepsi products.

So if you’re ever cruising down Bridge street, give Tacos El Cunado a try.

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