New Gastro Pub Craze is Confirmed at The  Ada Pour House Gastro Pub.

Entrance to the Ada Pour House

Entrance to the Ada Pour House

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By: Davis Van Skiver

Burgers, beer, pork chops, and mac and cheese are hard to mess up, but the Ada Pour House brings these items to a whole new level. A lot of restaurants offer your classic burger and maybe a few common variations. The Pour House offers a strong variety of unique burgers bound to appeal to anyone’s taste buds.

From the first appearance, The Pour House sets itself a step above your average pub. Walking in, the ambiance of the restaurant is relaxed and comfortable. The interior is warm and has a lot of earthy materials to bring about a home-like feel. The restaurant was close to full when my date and I arrived, but we were seated very quickly at a long tall wood table with a raw edge with some bark even still on it.

Interior of The Pour House

The service continued to be this fast. Our menus were put at our table and our drinks were brought out soon thereafter. 

I got an order of the grilled shrimp skewers, and for my entree, I ordered the blue cheese and mushroom burger adding on caramelized onions and a fried egg. The shrimp tasted amazing and was served with a great tasting lemon vinaigrette.  I have had a fair amount of burgers in my life and my expectations were very high. I was not disappointed at all. The burger didn’t take too long to come out and was served with a large side of fries. The burger was massive.

The person that I went with, Claire Dougherty said it was cozy, and she liked how it was “easy to see the kitchen and all the workers with the food sitting up in a line on the counter.” The wall around the kitchen was beautifully decorated with chalk showing the specials and entrees as well as chalk artwork. “I loved the wall that was decorated in chalk.”

Dougherty’s entree was shrimp and grits, and she also had the grilled shrimp skewers. “The grilled shrimp was really good but not worth $12, the food had great flavor and was a 9/10.”

Overall the restaurant had a great ambiance, great service, and great food. “I have never been there before, but I definitely would go again.”

Even though a few items on the menu were a bit overpriced, the food tasted amazing. I would have to agree with Claire and would most definitely go back.

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