Service Above Self: FHN’s Rotary Interact Club and Its Impact in Our Community

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Service Above Self: FHN’s Rotary Interact Club and Its Impact in Our Community

The Rotary Club

The Rotary Club

The Rotary Club

The Rotary Club

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By: Bella Dahlquist

Published: January 18th, 2019

If you asked anyone at Forest Hills Northern High School what Rotary Interact was, they would probably say that they didn’t know.

The FHN Rotary Interact Club is a service and advocacy club where members plan events and fundraisers and volunteer in the community.  It’s a relatively new club, only three years old, which is why nobody has really ever heard of it.

The Rotary has accomplished many successful projects. For example, working with the End It Movement, the Manasseh Project, and In The Image Clothing Center.  And they don’t plan on stopping.

Organizing events develop camaraderie within the group.  “The people are the best,” said President Lindsey Brooks.  “You can meet new people from all grades and learn so many different aspects about each other.”

Vice President Sophia Turner agrees.  “The atmosphere is way different than NHS or Student Government.  We are all there for a greater cause above ourselves,” she said. “Everyone who is there is motivated to help the community, which encourages positive attitudes.”

“I think that the best feature about Interact is the networking in the community,” Turner stated.  “We have contacts with outside organizations and leaders that are willing to mentor and support us on whatever project we are working on.”  The club has a direct link with the Ada-Cascade Rotary Club, which is the Grand Rapids representative to Rotary International.

Brooks said that Interact is an “open” space for anyone to join.  

“Anyone who is willing to be creative, motivating, and selfless would find a home in our club,” Turner remarked. “What you put into it, you are sure to get out of it.” The club is planning on having a short application to fill out for those who are interested in joining.  Look for it circulating in late January.

“This year we started off with a school-wide chapstick drive to support the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, where we raised over 1,000 chapsticks,” said President Lindsey Brooks.  “But what I’m excited about is our main event this year, the Chili Cook-Off, where we raise money for the local Refugee Education Center.”

The Chili Cook-Off is open to the public, and anyone from FHN who is interested can attend.  There is no entry fee, but donations are encouraged and appreciated.

All proceeds will go towards the West Michigan Refugee Education Center, an organization that aids refugee families in academics and rehabilitation into American society.

“This event is meaningful to me,” Turner said proudly.  “It’s so impactful for our community to come together to help others.”

The Interact Club Chili Cook-Off is January 25th, 2019 from 6:30-8pm at St. Roberts of Newminster Parish.


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