Taking A Step Into The Art Of Dance

Cquest Long

Cquest Long

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By: Maddi Lang

Cquest Long, former Northern High School student, has been passionately working to improve his talents in the art of dance. Dancing wasn’t his first choice for a career, but after experimenting with what he can achieve, he has discovered the love that he endures for dance.

“I always wanted to sing or write, but I found dance in my junior year for the talent show and loved it ever since,” he shared.

With determination, Long hopes to work his way up to being a backup dancer at concerts or take the knowledge of his skills and teach others.  

“I have already been in contact with artists like Lil Baby, SixNine and others about dancing. Regarding teaching, I’m going to GVSU to get professional training and getting contacts through them,” said Long.

De’vondre, friend of Long, has helped him enormously. “I would say my mentor is De’vondre, he is a young African-American male with his own business following his dream in dance.”

De’vondre is the founder of a dance studio called Dancespire where Long has attended many classes. Long accepted an opportunity to be part of the Dancespire team that will help him excel further in his dancing career/dream.

Most of his desire to dance comes from our very own school, Northern. When attending Northern, most people knew him from the dance moves that he showed off in the halls during the passing hour or at lunch.

“Most of Northern were like my driving factor because everyone supported me and still do,” reveals Long.

At the end of the day, Long understands what best for him. “There are going to be times in life where you must turn down opportunities to grasp the better ones that may come in the future,”  Long says.

When it comes to following your dreams, Long believes that you must never overwork yourself. Long feels that each person should know what’s most healthy for him or her.

“Don’t be afraid to try new things. You don’t have to accept the first opportunity if you know you aren’t ready. Your time will come,” Long says.


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