Mitchell Gumbko: The an, the Myth, the Student Section Leader

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Mitchell Gumbko: The an, the Myth, the Student Section Leader

Mitch Gumbko

Mitch Gumbko

Mitch Gumbko

Mitch Gumbko

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By: Victor Santillan

Published: January 14th, 2019

If you don’t know Mitchell Gumbko, let me introduce you.

He comes from a family of six. His brother Michael graduated two years ago and his sister Madeline graduated in 2015. His younger sister Maria is currently a sophomore.

Okay, enough of the boring stuff. This kid is something else.

As captain of the bowling team, Student Section Leader, second baseman for the Huskies, and an avid NCAA 14 player, this dude is an athlete. He grew up with a competitive spirit thanks to his brother, Mike. He constantly played sports outside and continued to get better.

As a kid, his love for the University of Michigan carried over into the world of sports. His die-hard enthusiasm for the Wolverines, Lions, and Tigers is one of a kind. He goes to games often. His father is an active member of the Detroit Athletic Club, which is sandwiched directly in between Ford Field and Comerica Park.

He played football until sophomore year and then decided to take a shot at bowling. He was successful in both and is still bowling over a 200 average on the floor as captain.

His love for Better Made BBQ chips is odd but justified. He is loyal to his roots in Detroit. “The D is the best city in the United States. There’s no other place like it,” he stated.

In his free time, he enjoys watching Netflix and hanging with his friends. His favorite show is Black Mirror. “It’s such a good show. It’s a new concept that no one has seen or done before. Every episode has you on the edge of your seat.”

His favorite movie is easily Step Brothers. It’s no surprise that his favorite actor is Will Ferrell.

His family attends Sunday mass at St. Roberts. They are very proud of their Catholic faith.

In the future, he plans on going to college to study sports marketing. He has not decided where yet. He is planning on seeking a career in marketing and sales. His charisma and humor make him a perfect candidate for business.

A bacon cheeseburger from The Riverbend is all he needs to survive. As a former dishwasher at Ada Grill, Mitch knows exactly what to get at every restaurant. His Polish roots come from a food family. His father came from a family of bakery owners. He knows what good food tastes like. “My sandwiches are like little gifts from God himself. I was taught by the best, my father, Big Mike.”

He also loves dogs. Octavius and Augustus are loyal pals and Mitchell treats them as such. “My dogs mean everything to me. They are the light of my life. I plan on having a dog for as long as I live.”

Mitch is a kindhearted, good kid who is easy-going and a great guy to know.

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