2017-2018 Staff

Sydnee Michmerhuizen


Grand Rapids civilian Sydnee Michmerhuizen is worthy of this week’s spotlight for a number of reasons. On June 11, 2000, Sydnee Michmerhuizen was born in Grand Rapids and later moved into her neighborhood on Burton street...

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Denis Rekic

Website Director

Deno Rekic considers himself a social being. He enjoys encountering new people and getting to know them. “I’m very extroverted. I love meeting new people and talking with them. I like having the company of another person, ...

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Lydia Bouma


Lydia Bouma grew up in a family of six, made up of her two parents Doug and Trish, and her siblings which, oddly, Are two sets of twins. Lydias twin is Claudia, they are similar but very different at the same time. And her young...

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Nelleke Dewaard


Nelleke Dewaard is one of the coolest people in Grand Rapids, and here’s why: One of the unique things about Nelleke is what she likes to do for fun. For example, she loves to spend time with friends, listen to music, do...

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Aubree Hatfield


Aubree was born April 4, 2003, at Spectrum Butterworth Hospital, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She has lived in the same house all her life. As a child, her personality was very energetic and happy. She loved to run around, and wa...

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Emmali Kepley


Emmali Kepley is a student at Forest Hills Northern. She is a member of the prestigious writing team of our school's newspaper, and has a future in cosmetology. Indeed, when asked about what her life ambition was, she respond...

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Rachel Konyndyk


Rachel Konyndyk is a high school student at Forest Hills Northern. She is currently a senior, and is looking to attend GVSU in the fall of 2018. “I remember stopping to catch my breath as my family and I hiked to the top of obs...

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Niko Scharnowski


Niko Scharnowski has one piece of advice for his great-great grandchildren and that is to not make stupid mistakes the second time. “Learn from your mistakes, I did a lot of dumb stuff as a kid that I wish I had not rep...

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Emma King


Emma King has big plans for the future. She wants to attend college to study medicine and later become some sort of doctor. Emma loves science and math, as well as caring for other people. She looked forward to high school for many...

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Tony Baker


Van Andel Arena is home to many concerts every year, but one in particular changed a student's life forever. Tuesday, September 27th, 2016, Forest Hills Northern senior, Anthony Baker, attended his very first concert. O...

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Ethan Chomoa


Ethan Chomoa, senior at Forest Hills Northern, says he can’t wait to see what his final year brings for him and his fellow classmates. Born in Butterworth Hospital, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Ethan has spent his whole life in Gr...

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Elaine Kochaney


Elaine was born July 1st, 2003, to her loving parents, Erica and Glen. A few years later, she became older sister to Patrick and  John. Elaine is the granddaughter of Christy and Craig Dykgraaf  along with Ronald and Christi...

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Megan Gray


Megan Gray is the daughter of Arthur and Kristen Gray, the twin sister of Katie Gray and sister to Joe and Anna Gray. She is also a wonderful granddaughter to Katherine and Jan Vonk, on her mother’s side, Martha and Bruce Sherpeni...

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Sophia Terzes


Soccer. The sport of running and coordination. A sport not for most people, but Sophia Terzes rocks the field. Sophia Terzez is a social, and spunky 17 year old. She  lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan and has a love for the...

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Jay Devita


Earlier this week, a Grand Rapids local, Jay DeVita, sat down with me for an exclusive interview on his Fascinating Life.   Born May 10, 2000, DeVita was raised in New Jersey by his parents until the age of six. He...

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Katie Gray


Katie Gray was born February 5th, 2003, into a loving, caring, and supportive home with her mom Kristen, dad Arthur, and older brother Joe along with her twin Megan and also her younger sister two years later. She lived in East ...

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Rajeev Nag


Rajeev Nag is one of those people that everybody should have in their life. He is kind, thoughtful, and always makes sure that you are doing ok. As this is already known through our school, there are many things that the averag...

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Raleigh Kuipers


Raleigh Kuipers, resident of Grand Rapids MI, has had many people help her grow up to be a good human being and a better person. “My parents taught me to be independent and think for herself, to help me benefit in everyday life,...

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Ciara Flynn


Ciara Flynn is a perfect example of coming of age in high school. Most people go into high school with hopes of knowing upperclassmen,  making the varsity team or being “popular.” Ciara had no idea what the future or high...

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Rose Lees


Rose Lees is known throughout the senior class at Forest Hills Northern as someone who never gives up, whether that be in sports or just life in general. Rose Lees gets her inspiration for life from her mom. “We are very mu...

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