Czareon Long

By: Rachel Chadwick

Starting at defensive tackle on the football team, Czareon Long, senior, is on his way to finishing out the year strong. He has played football all four years, two of those being on the varsity team. Having two uncles who played in the NBA, Long has and knows, what it takes to be an outstanding athlete.

“Suck it up and quit being a baby,” is some of the best advice that he has ever heard to help him get through football. Those words of advice come from Matthew Moffett, the head varsity football coach.

Football is a big part of his life, but there are many more things other than football that make Long who he is. For starters, he enjoys listening to “old school” music. He is fascinated with the Vikings culture and likes Greek mythology.

Christmas has a special place in his heart because of the cinnamon apple smell that is everywhere. Being lactose intolerant won’t stop him from still loving pizza and various ice cream flavors. Long likes pastel colors, and he enjoys fall the most because he says, “you can layer and layer until you just can’t anymore.”

Long wants to continue football in college, but he is currently undecided on where he wants to go. In his free time Long likes to hang out with his friends and enjoys watching his football highlights especially when “I do something nasty.”

One last thing that you should know about Long is that he is a rare and bold person, and you can always catch him trying to make someone's day.


Czareon Long, Staff Writer