Davis Van Skiver

By Sammi Blair

Davis Van Skiver is not a person that you would ever get bored with.

“I like doing stuff.”

From National Honors society to teaching Sunday school at his church, Van Skiver is involved in everything.  

His involvement in these activities has helped him grow into the spontaneous, intelligent, and loving person that everyone knows him to be. Not only has being an active member of his school and community helped him grow into the person he is today, but his dad has also helped to shape him.

Van Skiver’s dad has been the biggest role model in his life. “He is always there for me and is my best friend.”  When he gets older and has a family of his own he “wants to be just like him.”

Van Skiver swam and ran cross country all throughout middle school, but lacrosse was by far his favorite sport.

“I met all my best friends through lacrosse.”

Lacrosse has been Van Skiver’s favorite past time since he was seven years old. In the future, he sees himself potentially playing collegiate lacrosse. Because lacrosse took up so much time when he was younger, he never had much time to be involved in many other sports.

The fact that lacrosse was the only sport he has ever played competitively, Van Skiver reflected a lot on his answer to the question: if you could have any other skill what would it be? “I would want to play hockey because it’s my favorite sport to watch other than lacrosse.”

Family is also a big part of his life. His is in a family of six, including both his parents, his older brother Carson, himself, his younger sister Cassidy, and his younger brother Dylan. Van Skiver’s favorite family tradition was when on the morning of January first, “we would all run out to the mailbox, barefoot, to get the mail as a family.”

If you like doing stuff similar to Van Skiver than I would encourage you to get to know him.



Davis Van Skiver, Staff Writer