Denis Rekic
Deno Rekic considers himself a social being. He enjoys encountering new people and getting to know them. “I’m very extroverted. I love meeting new people and talking with them. I like having the company of another person, I hate being alone.”

Although he is very much a people-person, he has experienced what it’s like to feel very alone, this affected a portion of his high school period.  “During sophomore year, I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. I was more shy. I didn’t have as many friends, and I wasn’t very good at making new friends or even talking to new people. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve worked around that social stigma.”

Growing up Deno moved around the United States a lot. He ended up here in Michigan at a young age and has been in the Forest Hills school district since then.

“I’m glad I did all the moving around at a young age. If I had been any older, I think it would’ve affected my ability to hold close friendships and relationships.”

Deno’s parents have had a major impact in his life, he is especially grateful for the examples his mother has set for him and the work ethic his dad has showed him to attain.

“My mother is very intelligent. My role model 100%. She never judges me, or anyone, at all. She strongly believes that everyone deserves a second chance. As for my dad, he was a mechanic, so he’s a very hard worker. Like my mom, my dad is intelligent as well.”

From moving around, having several close friendships, and many encounters with different people; Deno is certain his mother is the kindest of all people.

“My mother has always been there for me.  Even when I was doing wrong. She’s always believed in me and my goals, and never fails to give me words of encouragement. She’s taught me so much about respect and how to treat others. There’s no one I admire more than her.”

Written by: Kiah Bucks

Denis Rekic, Website Director

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