Emma Curcuru

By: Oscar Benson

Grand Rapids native Emma Curcuru, a student at Forest Hills Northern, is an avid cross country runner and lacrosse player. At school she's also involved in student government, the stage crew and the environmental club.

Her favorite subject is English class. Curcuru said, “I love to read, write and learn about all the different text structures.”  Emma’s currently reading a book called the Hillbilly Elegy.

One of Curcuru’s favorite places to visit is California because she has a lot of family in California and because she likes to see a different culture than where we live. She also likes California is because her role model lives there who happens to be her grandpa.

“My grandpa is kind and cares a lot about other people and living things,” said Curcuru.

She also happens to be a big fan of The Office and Scandal tv shows.

“I've just been rewatching The Office and Scandal over and over again,” said Curcuru.  She doesn’t want to start a new tv show series.

Emma Curcuru, Staff Writer