Emma Vela
She is bound to be the sweetest girl in our senior class, always on a mission to help someone in need and brighten up people's day just by gracing them with her presence. Seventeen year old Emma Vela is an East Town resident and a senior at Forest Hills Northern. She comes from a long line of former Northern graduates as she is the youngest of four children, two older brothers and one older sister. On top of being an outstanding student in school, Emma enjoys devoting her time and effort to making a change in the world around us. Throughout Emma's high school career she has gone to Honduras, and the ghettos of Mexico twice where she has built homes for the homeless, worked in eye clinics to help provide proper eyeglass prescriptions for people in the community, and has even helped dig a well for a city that needed a clean source of water. Emma claims that she, “Lives to serve others as well as help people on a bigger scale on these trips.”  She feels that she is usually pouring herself into people as much as they pour their faith into her in order to grow stronger together. Not only does she travel the world as often as possible to try and make a change, she does work with ministries on the west side of our own Grand Rapids, Michigan. A lot of these missions have been possible through Emma's church giving her opportunities but also through programs specifically designed to send people out to help globally. This has become such a passion in Emma's life. So much so, that after high school, rather than attending some sort of university, she has signed up for a missionary school called Bridge street House of Prayer, which is an organization that is devoted to helping families in need on the west side of Grand Rapids, as well as going on a mission trip to Guatemala and overall changing the world for the better. She's not exactly sure where this path of life will lead her but is hopeful that she will help change the world for the better. By Scott Vanderklipp

Emma Vela, Staff Writer

Dec 01, 2016
The Journey There (Story)