Ethan Chomoa
Ethan Chomoa, senior at Forest Hills Northern, says he can’t wait to see what his final year brings for him and his fellow classmates.

Born in Butterworth Hospital, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Ethan has spent his whole life in Grand Rapids.

He grew up here, but at first didn’t have many friends.

“I was so alone in seventh grade,” said Ethan. “I didn’t have anyone to talk to or hang out with.”

That all changed when he met Luke Schellenberg, Blake Wingrove, Alex Clark, Joe Gray, Ford Burgess, Jared Bujdos, Will Hawkins, and Sam Post in gym class during his seventh grade year.

“I really like him. He’s the only other reasonable person in our friend group, which makes us get along really well and makes it easy for other people to get along with him,” said Luke Schellenberg, one of Ethan’s best friends.

“They’re my best friends,” he says. “I don’t know where I’d be without them. They’re pretty sweet.”

Ethan says his favorite thing about Northern is that he can spend time with his friends every day, and at the same time express his creativity in a positive learning environment, such as Mr. Howard’s room.

“I just love how we can show others how we feel about certain topics through creative videos and the announcements,” said Ethan.

If Ethan isn’t at school or hanging out with his friends, he’s working.

“Yeah, I work at Jimmy John's now. I drive subs around to people, then drive back. Sometimes I clean. Fun fact: I always buckle up my sandwiches in my car.”

Ethan says if he could, he’d live at his work. He loves the positive environment. Seeing all the adults working there makes him feel good about himself.

He says that he doesn’t want to work at Jimmy John’s forever. He actually wants to be a pharmacist when he’s older.

“I eventually want to travel the world and go to Canada. Really I just want to move to a country with better environmental standards, not like the U.S.”

Ethan says he wants to “live a short but fun life.” He wants to live everyday like it’s his last and enjoy the little things.

Everyone should get to know Ethan. He’s a very unique person with a great sense of humor. If you aren’t friends with him, you’re missing out.

By: Rajeev Nag

Ethan Chomoa, Writer

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