Jay DeVita
Earlier this week, a Grand Rapids local, Jay DeVita, sat down with me for an exclusive interview on his Fascinating Life.


Born May 10, 2000, DeVita was raised in New Jersey by his parents until the age of six. He then moved to Grand Rapids, MI with his family where he attended Meadowbrook Elementary. He currently attends Forest Hills Northern High and participates in the school choir and is a part of the leadership for Writers Club. Not only does he have a gifted voice but DeVita also accompanies himself with his Ukelele, and let me tell you, he is a very gifted musician. On top of all of his many accomplishments, DeVita is exceptional at writing Slam Poetry.


“Slam Poetry is different than ‘normal’ poetry because of its rap-like quality. It is meant to be shared with others and is usually spoken with a strong rhythm and a seamless flow of emotion and fact.”


When DeVita graduates from Forest Hills Northern High School in the spring, he wants to continue his educational career to  become an English teacher. While teaching he also aspires to become a successful writer and not only inspire those with his teaching but his books as well.

“Writing is a way for me to get down my emotions.”


He hopes that when he teaches his future students, he will help them dissect and discuss books instead of having them read a book and then be tested on it. He hopes to encourage others to love the written word like he does.

Jay DeVita, Writer

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